Nickles’ War on the Judiciary

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‘DC Court of Appeals and Lincoln’
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The City Paper has a fascinating read today on what it considers DC Attorney General Peter Nickles’ War on the Judiciary. Right now, AG Nickles is in major conflicts with a number of different judges for attempting to short circuit judicial oversight of a number of city agencies. In a town that has been so fiercely against the unitary executive, it seems odd to see the Mayor try to emulate the former President in his quest to free the executive branch from both legislative and judicial oversight.

Reading some of the history of the six consent decrees that currently affect the District, and their origins, certainly gives one perspective on why Nickles might want to be free of oversight. It’s hard to see, though, why the District shouldn’t abide by prior decisions of the Court.

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  1. I did love his work on the Tonight show, but I’m almost positive it was Don Nickles I was mentally crossing over with.

    I’ve had my coffee now.

    See, Reg Bazile, blogging IS hard.