DC, VA Apply for $450M in Schools Funding

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DC and VA have applied for $450M in Race to the Top funding, hoping to garner a share of the funds available through a new federal program to add significant federal dollars to local schools as part of new programs. Maryland has decided to wait until the second round of grants in mid-2010.

The District’s proposal (PDF) went unsigned by the WTU, which may detract from its strength. WTU is currently in a protracted conflict with Chancellor Michelle Rhee over their labor agreement, current policies, current staffing, current control structures and what color the sky is (Rhee says Columbia blue, WTU says more of a Dodger blue) which lead to this situation. The proposal weighs in at 187 pages, and features sections on low-achieving schools, better programs for teachers, and using data to better inform instruction.

Winners for Phase I will be announced in April. Unselected bids will get feedback so they can reapply in June of 2010.

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