Nationals To Host “Expos Day”? It Could Happen…

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Before Washington got the Nationals, our boys in red were shagging flies and blasting runs as the FIRST Major League Baseball club to play outside of the states. The Montreal Expos, who started as a National League expansion team in 1969, changed their Canadian mailing address and club name on Dec. 3 2004 when they became the Washington Nationals.

Nationals blogger Ed Chiglaik, founder of the Federal Baseball blog, took a minute to remember our team’s heritage today. How’s about a Montreal Expos Day at Nationals Park this summer to commemorate the days of baseball past as we move forward with the 2010 season?  Nationals pitcher Collin Balester says he’s a fan of the idea! Anyone else?

Who knows — it might just give our guys the karma boost they deserve to give their “forefathers” a slight tip of the hat. Anything to notch a few more W’s in that win column, right?

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2 thoughts on “Nationals To Host “Expos Day”? It Could Happen…

  1. Funny: the Expos were the first club to play outside of the states, and the Nationals still do not technically play in a state.