Manhole Cover Crashes Through SUV Windshield

Photo courtesy of
‘Eastern Market Manhole’
courtesy of ‘Kevin H.’

What a fustercluck on Georgia Avenue yesterday. The foul odor coming from the sewer system brought out the Hazmat teams to figure out what exactly the smell was. It closed lanes on Georgia Ave in Montgomery County for hours. But that’s not what was horrifying.

Imagine that you’re driving along on a busy street, when all of a sudden, the manhole flies up from the street and shatters your windshield and cuts up your face. That’s gotta put a serious dent in your day, not to mention a claim in your insurance. Whew. I can only imagine how messed up I’d be after that. Yikes. Makes Metro look safe, doesn’t it?  (Editor’s note, this post was written last night before the accident on the Red Line, we apologize for any who took offense.)

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