Where to Watch the Super Bowl

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‘Acadiana Restaurant’
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One of the great things about DC is that, unlike many cities, there’s a place for just about every sports team in the US here. You want Steelers football? The Pour House on Capitol Hill. You want Red Sox baseball? Rhino Bar. You want Penguins Hockey? …Okay, maybe not every sports team in the US. But, DC has some really great spots to watch the Colts take on the Saints next weekend, and we reached out to some of our favorites to get all the details for Super Sunday.

Why are we telling you now? Well, this weekend’s the Pro Bowl (yeah, I know, it’s weird to see it before the Super Bowl) and you might as well go out and try some of the places out this weekend to find just the right spot for the big day. So click on through and see what DC’s got to offer for Super Sunday. These are just a couple options for the dedicated fan that don’t involve the traditional sportsbar. Where are you watching the game?

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Don’t bother showing up here in Colts jersey. Just don’t. The black and the gold are calling Acadiana home for the Super Bowl, with a $29 all-you-can-eat event running from 5pm until the end of the game, including gulf coast oysters, peel & eat shrimp, cajun wings, BBQ Pork cochon de lait, Etouffée, Beignets, Pralines and “Heavenly Hash”. They’ll be running drink specials, including a $9 “Bayou Brees” cocktail, as well as beer specials. You’ll probably want to call ahead and get a reservation. And wear pants with a flexible waistline.

901 New York Ave NW
Washington DC 20001

Bar Dupont

Bar Dupont will be starting their tailgate party at 5pm the day of the game, complete with a full outdoor tailgating experience, with theater bigscreen out back. Chef Silvan will be grilling up sausages and ribs on the bbq outside, and there will be bar food specials inside. Look for the pickup trucks in their outdoor area, for extra authenticity.

Bar Dupont
1500 New Hampshire Avenue NW
Washington DC

CommonWealth Gastropub

Mmmmm gastropub. If you buy dinner at CommonWealth, you get the choice to declare your allegiance, and be rewarded. When your team scores a touchdown, you get a free 10 oz CW Brown Ale on the house. No substitutions allowed, but hey, free beer that’s not Miller Lite? Always a benefit in my book.

1400 Irving Street NW
Washington DC 20010

Morton’s – Reston Town Center

If you’re out in Virginia, this might be a good place to land, but be sure to bring your heavy wallet, since Morton’s isn’t ever cheap ($125/person!). Morton’s is offering a four-course dinner with all kinds of tasty appetizers and a hearty chili in the first half, followed by a choice of Ribeye (Cajun-rubbed, of course), Salmon filet, or Chicken Christopher (just for Peyton Manning?) in the third quarter, followed by dessert in the fourth.

Morton’s The Steakhouse – Reston Town Center
11956 Market Street
Reston, VA 20190

Rocklands BBQ

Now, this is one for all of you home-gamers, if you want to host the big party, but you don’t want to cook? Call Rocklands. They’ve got catering options galore for you, from wings to bbq ribs, to pulled pork, and combinations of all of the above. For around $135, they’ll pack up three racks of either barbequed baby-back or pork ribs, three whole barbecued chickens, twelve potato rolls, two pints of Rocklands Original Barbeque Sauce and four quarts of any salad or accompaniments for you. If your party’s a little smaller, they’ll prep one whole barbequed chicken, two racks of either barbecued baby-back or pork ribs, two pounds of chopped pork, twelve potato rolls, one pint of Rocklands Original Barbeque Sauce and two quarts of any salad or accompaniments, all for $94.99.

Rocklands BBQ
They have locations in DC, Alexandria, Rockville and Arlington. Click through and scroll down for the details.

I live and work in the District of Columbia. I write at We Love DC, a blog I helped start, I work at Technolutionary, a company I helped start, and I’m happy doing both. I enjoy watching baseball, cooking, and gardening. I grow a mean pepper, keep a clean scorebook, and wash the dishes when I’m done. Read Why I Love DC.

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  1. Wing Hub in Bethesda, Md. General Manager Jeff Trilling is offering a $40 all you can eat/drink special starting at 4:30pm. Not much of a wing aficionado but I do know they are the best in the area (brought to you by the same people behind the orginial Cluck-U-Chicken in College Park, MD). Beer’s on tap, plenty of flat screens and the best finger lickin’ wings in the DMV – @UniversalEm