Arenas: “I am trying hard to right my wrongs”

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This morning’s Washington Post features an editorial from Gilbert Arenas concerning his recent behavior, including his felony conviction for firearms possession. It’s hard to see sincerity in Arenas’ words, when he was so glib before about his prospects and about the story itself. Arenas pledges to work with youth non-violence efforts in DC as part of his penance, but it all seems to ring hollow to me. Just another athlete giving proper lip service to community service and being a role model.

I’d love to be wrong.

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2 thoughts on “Arenas: “I am trying hard to right my wrongs”

  1. One thing he didn’t mention in the OpEd is if he’s changed his mind about guns. How is he pointing kids away from violence without even addressing he issue of why he had the guns in his locker and threatened a teammate?

  2. When I first saw the editorial, I figured he had to be saying something in there about selling his guns or having them destroyed, but that part was oddly lacking from his OpEd, which is definitely frustrating.

    How can you turn away from gun violence and still own multiple handguns, including a Desert Eagle? I mean, I would understand a hunting rifle or sportsman’s shotgun, or even a single 9mm, but this guy had a whole arsenal…