Snowball Fights! (No Guns, Please.)

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We’re tracking reports of a couple different snowball fights prepared for Saturday in the wake of what will be a second historic storm in a year! We’ve seen a Facebook invite for a Snowball Event on the Ellipse. Maybe the President will come out and throw the first snowball? Yeah, I didn’t think so either. There’s another snowball event put on by the NAKID Kickball league scheduled for 3pm by the Smithsonian Metro station, which I think is a great place to have a snowball fight (Metro accessible? Brilliant!)

Amongst our Twitterati, folks are also calling for a second snowball fight at 14th and U Street, this time without the gun-toting off-duty detective (Stay home, Baylor!) as well as a fight on Logan Circle. Watch this space for additional snowball fights, and add others as you hear about them in the comments!

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7 thoughts on “Snowball Fights! (No Guns, Please.)

  1. Don’t worry guys, the ellipse is park police property, MPD won’t be responding? Although, Secret Service is close by and might think those snow balls are a threat to the president so keep those snowballs on the southern end and away from the vista!


    Let’s do it, Arlingtonians!!!! You know you want to pelt each other with snowballs tomorrow!!!

    The park at the Clarendon Metro
    North Arlingtonians vs. South Arlingtonians! (People who live south of Clarendon can pelt from Wilson Blvd; those who live north can pelt from Clarendon Blvd.)
    3 pm

    Post on your Facebook, e-mail all your friends and neighbors, spread the word all over town and let’s make this a resounding success and a good time for all! Please leave your guns at home.