Win Tickets to the Georgetown/’Nova Game Saturday!

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‘Marquette at Georgetown’
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Not afraid of a little snow? Love yourself some Hoyas Basketball? Us too! We’ve got a great contest to give away five pairs of awesome tickets to Saturday’s game courtesy of DC Lottery (Hey, Powerball’s up to $140M! That buys a LOT of snow removal!) and all you have to do is leave a comment to enter! We’ll pick five lucky winners tomorrow morning at 10am and coordinate tickets with DC Lottery.

See you at the game! Thanks DC Lottery!


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86 thoughts on “Win Tickets to the Georgetown/’Nova Game Saturday!

  1. Die hard Hoya fan willing to walk uphill both ways in the snow just to cheer the Moose & co. on.

  2. Like the Yeti, I will easily traverse the snowscape with my hairy, humanoid legs. Except instead of wandering the snow-covered himalayan region of Nepal, I will wander the Gallery Place/Chinatown region of DC. Feed the Yeti. He eats Hoyas tickets.

  3. In Chicago, my natural habitat, this horrifyingly debilitating maelstrom of ice crystals would be called a light dusting. So suck it up and give me these effing tickets.

  4. Please don’t let me be stuck in my apartment with my wife all weekend…..I want these tickets!

  5. Really looking forward to the game, we came so close to taking them down in the final minutes of our last matchup. Will toboggan into Chinatown if necessary. Hoya Saxa!

  6. Hey everyone hey there, its me, Clistopher Robin. I come to you from the woods and want to get it on Nova-Gtown is my thang, rocking around in my bling. Hey you there hey me, its Clistopher Robin in the sky, look I’m running around and Nova-Gtown is my thang… Red hot thank you man, give me some tickets, give me your thang. Yo me, its you its me its Clistopher Robin.

  7. I would never let a little thing like two feet of snow stop me from rootin on my Hoyas….