Metro Moves 14 Bus Routes to Snow Emergency Routes

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14 Metrobus routes in the DMV are now operating only on Snow Emergency routes:

In the District of Columbia, the U5, U8, D2, G2, and H8 are operating on snow emergency routes. In Northern Virginia, the 1 (A,B, E, F, Z), 3A, 3T, 4(A, B), 16 (A,D), 16G, 17H, 28 (A,X), 29 (H,G) are operating on snow emergency routes.

WMATA suggests that you use NextBus to find your nearest bus during the storm.

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2 thoughts on “Metro Moves 14 Bus Routes to Snow Emergency Routes

  1. Union Station-Georgetown Circulator is not running the Wisconsin Avenue portion. Detour uses lower K St westbound and M St eastbound.

  2. Yeah, this really sucks. You’d think that since the G2 is running a shorter route it would show up at the final stop more often. However in the past 4 days I’ve waited a whole hour for the stupid G2. WMATA is so screwed up they can’t even get this info out. I keep seeing people waiting at stops that the bus isn’t coming to. I’m so mad. This is wmata’s winter blunderland!