Dulles is Open, and so is the New Subway

Check out the sweet new Aerotrain at Dulles! After making it through my underpants check at Dulles, I was greeted with the new subway system. I got in the front car and managed to get a pretty decent little video of the trip out to the B Terminals (where Five Guys promptly closed when I got there. I waited for that cheeseburger, you douches, why the hell are you closing during snowpocalypse? FOAD!) and now I’m headed out to San Francisco for a week of IT conference sessions.

IAD is up and running for limited flights. Judging by the board, about two thirds the United and Delta flights are cancelled, and the remaining on time. Southwest has cancelled all their IAD flights, but Virgin seems to be up and running. If you’re headed to Dulles, you’d better hail a cab, though, as the Flyer bus is not running, not that that Metro is going to West Falls Church.

DCA is down for the count, with no flight ops planned today, and questionable for tomorrow. I would Tuesday is the earliest planes will leave from National.

BWI is saying “limited if any” service today commercially, but snow removal operations continue apace and I would bet they’ll be operating again tomorrow.

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