“Help Us Dig Out” Say Area Schools

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‘Starting to shovel’
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My Facebook News Feed has been full of parents decrying the continued closure of schools, and evidence is starting to suggest that the whole city has a bit of cabin fever right about now. We’re looking for a bit of normalcy in all this crazy mess. So, if you want to help the schools return to session a bit more quickly, give ’em a hand and help ’em dig out all the sidewalks, parking lots, bus stops and fire hydrants that are currently still snowbound.

If you’re off today, do the community a solid and go help dig one of these out. You’ll feel better for it.

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One thought on ““Help Us Dig Out” Say Area Schools

  1. I never thought I would have shoveled as much snow as I did this week

    I am a bit surprised at the amount who need help.

    I have been asked to shovel a good bit and helped but only so much