Yes, I want a $250 ticket

Parking in the snow route
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Okay, people. It says “snow route” on the sign and the radio stations are warning people that there’s a snow emergency in the District. Even our very own lovable Tom Bridge warned us that parking here could lead to some heavy fines. Is $250 worth the cost of a parking space? It is Georgetown and parking is pricey, but for $250 I could park for a month here.

The good news is that these cars do not yet have tickets on them. The bad news is that soon they will. Go move you cars if one of them is yours. With all that saved money, you could buy about ten lunches at any Georgetown restaurant, or maybe about 50 of those fancy cupcakes everyone thinks are the cat’s pajamas.

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One thought on “Yes, I want a $250 ticket

  1. We have all been there.

    We mull whether a spot is worth a high price

    At times, it is…other times, it isn’t

    But with a $250 price tag….I mean….that spot better be one of the most important spots you have needed in some time