How Was Your Commute?

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‘Monumental Traffic Jam’
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Last night on the news, they were saying to plan for an epic commute, one for the ages and one to be avoided if at all possible. Even with the Feds on a 2-hour delay this morning, it was dicey out there at 8am, taking about 50 minutes to go from South Arlington to Chinatown by way of the Mall. Not too awful, certainly not legendary, but I know there are reports out there of ridiculous times to go from US 50 to Wilson Boulevard in Arlington.

How’d you fare this morning?

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21 thoughts on “How Was Your Commute?

  1. Inner loop from Franconia to Tysons was maybe 3 minutes worse than normal — it was as if there were no school closings/delays.

  2. Picked up the Blue Line from Pentagon City, and it wasn’t bad at all. Then again, I beat the delayed Feds to downtown.

  3. There was a downed track circuit at Metro Center, so the Red Line took even longer than usual – even though I beat the Feds downtown.

  4. Hell and I was only traveling a few miles. Some streets should just be declared one way and it would help with the police could help direct traffic on the side streets in DC that are heavily used during rush hour.

  5. Metro in from West Falls Church was easy, though I thought the train would be more empty with the Feds on 2 hr delay. Surface parking lot at WFC is still a mess, but most DC sidewalks I used were fine.

  6. Painless for me. I got on the Red Line, at Takoma, around 7 am. The entire train was nearly empty, and it was a smooth ride all the way to Grosvenor.

    My wife, however, reported, that several secondary/side streets in downtown Silver Spring were narrowed to just one lane in parts, which made for dangerous traveling because many cars were speeding.

  7. 22A from Shirlington to Rt. 50- flawless.

    I should have gone on to Ballston and taken the Orange Line, because after that things went to hell fast.

    4A from Rt. 50/George Mason to Rosslyn- after nearly an hour on the bus (normally a 20-minute ride, at worst), I finally got off at about Rhodes St. and walked the rest of the way in. The bus never passed me by the time I reached my office at Lynn/Wilson. Of course, Metro says there are no bus delays- wonder if that bus ever did get to Rosslyn?

  8. took an hour and 20 minutes to get from clarendon to rockville. supposed to take 45 minutes according to wmata trip planner, right?

    also, since metro has been supposedly “closed” during this whole snowstorm, it’s taken over 11 days to transfer smartbenefits. wtf… i’m paying TWICE for my ridiculous metro ride now. not to mention the fare hike next month!

  9. oh, and what was with metro telling us that rosslyn would be closed yesterday. specifically didn’t go into dc because of that–trapped inside, only to find out later that rosslyn station WAS open?

  10. Took Constitution in from Arlington. Traffic was not bad as I left home at 7:15 AM, but there are places on Constitution where two lanes are still blocked by snow. Causes problems when the only lanes remaining are turn lanes with protected arrows.

  11. Biked from Dupont to Judiciary. Was a tad slower than usual (maybe extra 5 minutes) due, exclusively, to cars trying to block me in the half-snow lane. Jealously is an ugly emotion!

  12. the problem w/rosslyn was that n lynn was not plowed well and cuts down to about 2 lanes (from 4) – i saw the mess and walked instead of taking the 38b/blue bus, only to discover that once traffic hit lee highway it totally cleared up – smooth sailing across key bridge onto m st
    thanks arlington county!

  13. 50 minutes driving from Park View to McPherson Sq. 30 minutes of it was on 13st between Logan Circle and K.

  14. Coming in on the S2 bus (south down 16th st) was a nightmare. It took about twice as long as normal because 16th is not plowed curb to curb so we did a lot of sitting in traffic waiting. A major 4 lane street down to 2 is not good…

  15. Took the Blue line from Pentagon City at 8:15. The only unusual event was the 10-minute wait between Arlington Cemetery and Rosslyn.

    Some of the pedestrian crossing points in the Golden Triangle are particularly treacherous. Someone needs to use a pickax to widen the 2′ passages through the icepack and lay some salt on the uneven ice.

  16. Didn’t DDOT say they were working around the clock to clear all curb lanes? 17th Street around Farragut Square will be a massive bottleneck again this evening.

  17. I got seriously nailed by the mess on North Lynn Street while trying to get to the GW Parkway around 10am today. (Dentist appt before then.) Plus Route 50 was majorly backed up leading up to Rosslyn. Ooof. Come on, Arlington, N Lynn is a pretty major artery of traffic. Please get that snow out of there!

  18. Was just fine.

    Trains running in the morning were a few minutes late but nothing major, like Friday, at Dupont