The Continued Snow Operations

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‘Snow pile’
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Chances are, anywhere you went in DC today, you saw some of these. Large, awful piles of gritty brown/black ice litter the streets in DC, making many traffic lanes (including a full lane of Constitution Ave this morning, Mr. Mayor… so much for curb-to-curb clearing?) impassable and traffic-inducing. DDOT will likely be hauling away snow well into March, I would imagine, but for now, it would be good to get a better picture as to DDOT’s priorities. We’re seeing all kinds of reports of streets that haven’t yet been plowed, or trees that shed limbs blocking some parts of the road.

If you haven’t been plowed yet, or there’s still a tree down in your neighborhood in DC, call up 311 and give the DDOT an earful. This is starting to get ridiculous. I understand that this is an historic storm, in an historic winter, but things are out of control. DDOT Director Klein, and Mayor Fenty, you guys have a week to get things right before your continued employment will be a lot less likely. I don’t care if no one else has declared, we’ll draft someone if you can’t get things under control this week.

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