Photowalk This Sunday!

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‘Chinatown – Celebrate – 2-1-09’
courtesy of ‘mosley.brian’

We’re big fans of the folks over at Photowalk DC and this Sunday, they’re doing a great photowalk at National Archives and the Chinatown New Years Parade. They’ve got things scheduled out pretty well, so if you can’t make the whole thing, you can come out for part of it, and meet up with them according to the schedule. Get out with your camera, be it a point and shoot or the fanciest of SLRs, it’s worth it to go meet other shooters in your town.

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5 thoughts on “Photowalk This Sunday!

  1. I’m a little confused (nothing new) – is the photowalk on Saturday as referred to in the copy or Sunday as referred to in the headline?

  2. 50/50 on attending; it’s going to depend on weather and how we’re feeling come Sunday morning. Regardless, it’s a good reminder to hit the Archives before they shut down photographers…

  3. NP.No harm done, you caought us…I for one will look for you sometime between 1:30 amd 1:45 near the Chinatown metro..
    if we haven’t met up before Thanks for your planning, AND checking! wendy