Mayor Fenty Laughs at “Back To Normal?”


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The Question: “So it’s been more than a week since the last blizzard ended, and there is still snow in the streets…when is the last of the snow going to be cleared and when should things back to normal?”

The Answer: *incredulous stare* “Well, uh, it’s kind of a question that doesn’t make any sense.”

No, Mr. Mayor, it totally doesn’t make sense for people to ask about snow removal. Not at all.

C’mon Kwame Brown, SOMEONE run against this guy. Make him work for it.

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4 thoughts on “Mayor Fenty Laughs at “Back To Normal?”

  1. You know…for some time, I have been giving Fenty a pass; but I am starting to get the arrogance that so many people talk about. He cannot continue to offer hollow excuses for a number of issues.

  2. I tweeted about his reaction when I first saw this interview this morning. I was more upset at him when Jim mentioned the fact about trash not being picked up. Then Eun piggybacked on Jim’s question and Fenty accused her of “misstating the record” brushing her off as if she was just making it up that her trash had not been collected in 2 weeks.

    I live in MD, but wish I lived in DC so I could vote against Fenty. He’s not only arrogant but he’s ill-equipped to lead the District!

  3. I almost got hit by several cars on my trek home from work last night because the snow removal on Mass Ave in NW was never removed … it was me MOVED to the SIDEWALKS … which means I have to walk down the street to get home. I swear, I love this city but the snow thing really needs to be kept under wraps.

  4. All,

    I agree he sounds snarky and annoyed, but he really missed the chance to point out a few things:

    – One, DC is not equipped, and never will be equipped, to handle 3-4 feet of snow, especially since it happens once a century.

    – Two, Metro can help out to some degree with snow removal.

    – Three, and most importantly, if people would not leave their cars parked illegally on downtown and other strees, snow removal would be much easiler. Almost all blocks downtown have at least one car parked illegally, and buried, because someone decided to leave it there during a blizzard. If you’re a snow plow or front-loader driver, you don’t have precision equipment that will allow you to go around the car without some sort of risk of damaging it. If folks would obey the street signs, and most importantly, not leave one of their most important assets, their cars, just lying out in the street, you would not have extremely constricted, one-lane traffic over most city streets. How often do you see 80% of the four-lane streets in DC down to two lanes?