Metro Board Turns to Former General Manager

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David Gunn, a transit specialist and former WMATA general manager, has been tapped by the Metro board of directors to study the agency and report back on what it would take to fix it, the Washington Post reports.

Gunn, who headed up Metro from 1991-1994, is highly regarded in transit circles and his career spans most transit agencies on the East coast (including New York, Toronto, and Boston), most recently heading up Amtrak until clashes with the Bush administration led to his dismissal.

The Post mentions that Gunn doesn’t own a computer or cell phone, nor does he use email. I find that oddly fascinating, and his reasoning revolves around not being so available that it makes all problems float up instead of being solved below. Here’s hoping the board listens to Gunn’s (presumably typed up) report.

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2 thoughts on “Metro Board Turns to Former General Manager

  1. I have been working with Transit Authorities for over 30 years. I have worked with NYCTA, SEPTA, WAMTA, DART, Miami Dade, MARTA just to name a few. I have operated a successful business for 30 years dealing directly with these transit authorities. I would like to know who I could contact to submit my personal resume for this new General Manger position at WMATA. I know I have the ability to turn this transit authority into one of the most efficient and safest operated transit authority in the United States. I look forward to you reply.
    Louis Thomas Albertini

  2. Hi Louis,

    We’re sadly not a hiring or placement agency, but I’m guessing you could probably fax your resume in to WMATA directly.

    Good luck!