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With the word out that Metro is short another $18M due to lost fares and extra expenses during the Snopocalypse and Snowmaggeddon, Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton has requested some additional funds from FEMA to offset the loss.  Her letter to FEMA director Craig Fugate highlights unique challenges to Metro, including its status as a multi-state agency.  She wrote, “I understand that if the president declares Major Disasters or Emergencies that Metro likely will receive assistance separately through each of the states in which they operate.   However, considering how unusual it is to be faced with a tri-state local entity under the Stafford Act, I would ask that FEMA provide the greatest flexibility in its administrative requirements so as not to unnecessarily add to the operational burdens that Metro faces.”

It would be nice to see FEMA come through with some emergency funding for our beleaguered transit agency, especially with WMATA facing a $189M shortfall for next year, with likely service cuts on the block.  Isn’t a great time to ride Metro?

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