Fares to Rise Again

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Kytja Weir from the Examiner has had a look at the FY2011 WMATA budget, and get ready to bend over, because here it comes again. Look for an increase up to $2.00 for peak rail fare minimums, with the new max at $5.10. There’s also a peak-of-the-peak period during the height of rush hour (7-8:30a and 4:30-6p) which will increase the peak fare by a dime each direction. Metrobus fares face a hike of a quarter each direction. Taking the shuttle to Dulles or BWI? That’ll be $6 instead of $3.10.

The increases are draconian, and will likely affect the commuting rider to the tune of $154 a year, with an additional $110 if they add bus legs each direction. Even worse? With these increases, Metro still has another $40M to make up in shortfall. No idea where that’s going to come from, but I’m hoping it’s not the ridership’s pockets. I suspect that’s a well they’ve gone to too much.

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8 thoughts on “Fares to Rise Again

  1. WTF. obviously they don’t care about the people that have to take this piece-of-crap thing they’re calling “Public Transit” to work everyday.

    It already costs me almost $10 a day to get to work, and it’s gonna get worse? You know, fares never go down. So this is to make up budget gaps this year, but they’ll keep the extra money next year.

    Also, it’s not fair that they’re making us pay because of their lack of planning!

  2. This is unbelievable. Has WMATA mentioned how they plan to make travel more efficient..or even better, SAFER? There have been more accidents on the track in the last 10 months than I care to remember.

    These aren’t even REASONABLE increase, especially adding insult to injury by adding a peak of the peak.

    I wonder how this is going to affect ridership and commuter traffic in different areas.

  3. I’m probably gonna get my head bitten off for this, but here goes. The increases seem like a lot at first, but if Tom’s numbers are right, an increase of $154 a year doesn’t seem like that much of an increase.

    Any word on if there’s gonna be an increase in parking fees too, since everything else is going up?

  4. You’re hoping it isn’t the ridership’s pockets?

    You do realize that if fares aren’t raised, the money will come from taxes. Taxes paid by the riders. As well as people who don’t ride it.

  5. A vital metropolitan area, J, has a public transit system that is affordable for all. That means that the metro area supports it through common funding, not just through fare collection.

  6. @Tom at 3:15pm
    Exactly. It’s in everyone’s interest to have an efficient public transit system — not just riders themselves, but also people who drive. Imagine how much worse traffic would be if Metro didn’t exist!

  7. I am not sure why people are mad. Did you all not expect this?

    I hate to break it to you but expect more increases in the future.

    They need to make up millions and this is the easiest and most straight-forward way to make it up