Strasburg: The New Jesus

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It looks like the Nats have gone all religious on us after just one day in Florida. They’ve seen the light … and that light is Stephen Strasburg’s pitching ability.

Centerfielder Nyjer Morgan and the rest of Strasburg’s teammates have given the rookie a new nickname — Jesus. Why Jesus?  “‘Cause what’s the first thing you say when you see him pitch?”  Morgan told the Washington Post, “Jeee-sus!”

For now, Strasburg will be starting the season in the minors. “I wouldn’t really want to say that he’s competing for a spot in the rotation,” Riggleman told the Post. “I think we’re open-minded, but… he could pitch real well down here, but we still might feel like the development, the process is to be respected of going through the system and getting really used to the rigors of throwing every fifth day [in the minor leagues].”

All signs point toward things starting off on the right foot this season. Now we have to wait and see what happens when the rest of the team reports in a week and a half.

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7 thoughts on “Strasburg: The New Jesus

  1. The Nats already HAVE a Jesus (Flores). I guess they had to replace their other Jesus (Colome) after they released him last year.

  2. Did you know that when Colome pitched to Flores, they were the very first all-Jesus battery in MLB history? Really. ;)

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