Try Out for the National Anthem at Nats Park

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‘US Flag waving at Nationals Park’
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One of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had singing the National Anthem came at the Nats Tryouts in 2008.  It’s time to tryout again and the Nats are offering 75 tryout slots to the average Joe and Jane musicians of DC.  So if you’ve got an awesome rendition for ukulele, saxophone and triangle, go sign up, it’s free, just be prepared to back it up with a sweet headshot and performance resume.  And remember, people, the National Anthem isn’t something for you to put your stamp on, it’s something to honor our nation.  It’s a drinking song, not a funeral dirge.  Over-modulate, over-embellish, and frankly, I’m gonna boo you for trying to own the Star-Spangled Banner.  No 12-minute Bleeding Gums Murphy editions, okay?

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