Two Big Hearings Today

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‘Public hearing, 1957’
courtesy of ‘Seattle Municipal Archives’

Two big hearings going on today.  First, we’ve got the first of three days worth of hearings related to this summer’s Metro accident that claimed 9 lives and injured 80.  Day one is all testimony from WMATA.  NTSB will be streaming these hearings live over the web, so you can jeer and throw popcorn at the appropriate moments.  We’ll have a summary up later, fret not.

The second is a bit more interesting.  Ten years ago, Washington DC took a vote and decided that the usage of marijuana for medicinal purposes was a perfectly legitimate use. Today, the Council listens to testimony regarding the use of marijuana for medical purposes, and how to properly control who has access, and from where it’s dispensed.  It’s not really clear how the city would handle dispensaries, in terms of locating them, or in terms of procedural identification of eligible patients.  Those details are coming, and they’re part of the hearing process, so stay tuned.

Big day for DC in the governmental processes that make this place so unlike any other.

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