Wemple Departing City Paper for New Local Venture

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Congratulations to Erik Wemple, current editor of the City Paper, who will be heading up the new local DC media outlet owned by the folks at Politico.com.  Wemple has been at the City Paper since 2002, and has lead the paper through it’s hardest time to date.  Between the sale to Creative Loafing, and their eventual bankruptcy, the City Paper has remained an interesting part of DC’s media culture.  It’s hard to see what the road for the City Paper will be without Wemple, nor entirely what niche the new Albritton-backed as-of-yet-unnamed venture will fill.  DC already has six group-run high-quality hyper-local blogs (DCist, We Love DC, BYT, PoP, Famous DC, and one other), so it’s hard to see what potential role another outlet might have, but it will be fascinating to watch.

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2 thoughts on “Wemple Departing City Paper for New Local Venture

  1. Metroblog or something like that?

    I forget.

    I consider the City Paper’s excellent blogs to be part of their media empire, much as I do the Post’s.