Bob Ryan Leaving NBC4

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‘National Weatherman’s Day’
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His smiling face is certainly one you remember, and as of Friday night late, you may have to see it somewhere else.  Longtime NBC4 Weatherman Bob Ryan is leaving NBC4 for greener pastures.  It’s not clear if he’s headed to WJLA as was previously guessed, but it was clear he wasn’t willing to take the paycut that NBC4 wanted him to take.  Good on ya, Bob, and you’re better without those NBC jerks.  Besides, they tape delay the Olympics, how long before they do that with the weather?

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One thought on “Bob Ryan Leaving NBC4

  1. I just wanted to say that I have been looking for Bob Ryan for weeks. I have followed him all my life. Please let me know which network he goes with. He is the best. He was the biggest reason I watched channel 4. The best to you Bob. Please come back to someone that deserves you.

    Carole Duffey