Post To Barry: Quit Apologizing and Resign Already.

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‘At A Loss: Repeat and Rinse’
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The money quote from the Post Editorial Board is a brutal one: “Even if the council invokes the toughest sanctions available to it — and we think it should — it won’t be enough to make up for what Mr. Barry’s repeated misbehavior has cost the very people he professes to serve.

It’s easy to kick a man when he’s down, but now, I think it’s well past time we all joined in with the kicking.  Marion Barry has had more trouble following the rules than any public official I can think of.  He’s failed to file his taxes, he’s been arrested for doing crack with a prostitute, and now he’s facing discipline for the misappropriation of funds for his own ward.  It’s time to retire, Marion.  Go on.  Git.  Let someone new try to bring respectability to Ward 8.  They probably mean business, and not just the kickbacks kind.

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