WMATA, Google Close to a Deal for Google Transit Info

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For the last couple years, DC’s been a bit behind the times technologically when it came to public transportation participation in online transit services like NextBus and Google Maps for Transit, but it seems that’s about to come to an end, as Greater Greater Washington is reporting that WMATA and Google are now talking legal language of the deal, which is a major victory for the region.  DDOT announced earlier this week that the Circulator would appear in Google Transit this week, and Arlington is piggybacking on the announcement as well, to add ART buses to the system.

This is just about the best news that Metro’s seen in some time, and it’s a boon for riders who want to work on new ways to get a more efficient route through the system and don’t want to rely on the buggy Ride Guide on WMATA’s site.  Bring on the Future!  Er.  The Present.

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