Fenty Proposes More Recycling

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Mayor Fenty is proposing additional levels of recycling for residents and businesses, requiring tenants and citizens to separate out cardboard and plastic from their trash, in addition to cans, newspaper, office paper and glass. The Examiner suspects that this will mean stepped up enforcement on DC businesses, along with stepped up fines, which will probably mean there will be an all-office memo about your trash cans again.

It’s not clear if this is a budget neutral move, but we’ve asked the DPW for more information.  Of course, we’re still not to the point yet where we’re collecting compostable material like San Francisco, so I suppose we’ve still got a ways to go before we’re super green.

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One thought on “Fenty Proposes More Recycling

  1. Look, we’re not suburban Richmond, Va. By and large, DC residents don’t have yards, so let’s focus on the low hanging fruit first then we can move on to compostables. What the majority of DC rez would want with compostables anyway would be ways to compost their kitchen scraps (veg and fruit only of course). Why the focus on yards? It’s not like 50% of DC residents are out mowing their lawns on the weekends. Let’s get the percentage up of glass, metal, newspapers, cardboard, and plastic first, then we can worry about what to do with our zoisa clippings!