Rethink Your Lunch Plans For Tomorrow

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What are you doing for lunch tomorrow? Strike that. What were you doing for lunch tomorrow? Instead, around 12:30, you are going to pack up a small AM radio, and head on down to the nearest hot dog cart, and you’re going to get two with extra relish, and you’re heading to the nearest green space. Grab a bit of park bench, pump up WFED 1500 AM, and sure enough, you’ll have Charlie Slowes along side Dave Jageler in the broadcast booth telling you about the balls and strikes. Better still? Tomorrow is Stephen Strasburg’s very first start in a Nats uniform, so lie back, and dream it’s the playoffs.

See you at the park.

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4 thoughts on “Rethink Your Lunch Plans For Tomorrow

  1. But it’s MARCH! College Basketball! Big East tourney tips at noon today and ACC tomorrow. Plenty of time for baseball later.

    What’s that? America’s pastime? Pfffft.