Aldi’s Coming to Northeast?

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The news came quickly this afternoon when Councilman Tommy Wells tweeted that a new grocery store would be coming to Northeast DC, near the Safeway at the corner of Benning and Bladensburg Road in the Hechinger Mall. The new addition will be a first for DC: an Aldi’s store. It is worth noting that Aldi’s and Trader Joe’s are kissing cousins, both owned by the same parent company, the Albrecht Trust. We’re still trying to get word direct from Aldi’s itself, but if true, this represents a significant improvement for the nearby Atlas and Trinidad neighborhoods.

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3 thoughts on “Aldi’s Coming to Northeast?

  1. Aldi is more of a “working-class” Trader Joes. The items they stock tend to be very inexpensive, and not particularly high-end.

    That said, this actually jives pretty well with the surrounding area, and should be a nice improvement upon the options already available. Sure beats Murry’s. (Hell, *anything* beats Murry’s.)

  2. Actually, if the Aldi in the US is anywhere close to what it is in Germany then it’s pretty good… they usually have brand name companies produce for them, sell it with the Aldi label and therefore the price is much lower – but I have never been to one in the US… in Europe they have great frozen and dry foods and specials on electronics…

  3. I’ve been shopping almost exclusively for the past 5 years at the two Aldi stores in Woodbridge. Best prices for good quality stuff, plus you can grab everything and be out of there in minutes. Their cashiers are really fast and the store is small enough, you don’t waste time wandering enormous aisles.