Anthem Idol

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Saturday morning in the midst of the rain, more than 60 talented performers gathered at Nats Park to tryout to sing the Star Spangled Banner. Ranging in age from as young as around 6 to as old as late 60s, and in style from Operatic Baritone to Pop Diva, it was an interesting crowd. The tryout itself is very simple: take a deep breath, now sing the Star Spangled Banner. Pick a key, but just one. Pick a speed, but know you have only about 90 seconds.

My own audition went fairly well, or at least so I thought, and I’ll find out in the next couple of weeks if Tom Davis, the Entertainment Coordinator for the Washington Nationals, thinks I have what it takes to be an Anthem Idol for the Nats. It was a chilly day for standing outside for about an hour, and then down into the tunnels beneath Nats Park. Sadly the weather had us trying out in the Umpire’s locker room, a bright reverberant space that did my big voice no favors. I had hoped the rain would have let up, and we could take our chances behind home plate.

Here’s to hoping I get that chance yet.

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