Ken Cuccinelli a Birther?

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Get out your straitjackets and butterfly nets, it’s time for a trip down to Richmond. In an interview over the weekend, Cuccinelli said that a challenge to President Obama’s birth certificate was “within the realm of possibility” for legal action, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that he’s batshit crazy.

Look, it’s perfectly acceptable to not like the President, I certainly don’t think he walks on water, or is capable of delivering on the massive campaign promises he made to the American public, but isn’t the proper opposition answer to that pointing out his inability to get things done, and not challenge where he was born? Seriously? Really? That’s a viable political strategy? And you’re a state-wide office holder in Virginia? Whew. That’s some crazy-talk right there.

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6 thoughts on “Ken Cuccinelli a Birther?

  1. Not only is he just a state wide office holder, this dude is unfortunately our Attorney General. Combine this ridiculousness with the letters he sent out to colleges asking them basically to discriminate against gays and you get exactly what all of us feared during the election – moving Virginia back 50 years.

  2. We are at least fortunate enough to have a Governor who’s willing to tell the AG when to sit down and STFU like he did with the letter to state universities.

  3. Seriously. That was unexpected but VERY good to see. Unfortunately, the executive order McDonnell talked about did noting to protect college admissions though, which is what Kenny was after.

  4. It is highly unlikely that in the face of that response from the Governor that the AG will push the issue. I suspect that was the polite wording of that letter and that in private words were a bit different.

    Calling him Kenny is an attempt to use nicknames to diminish the man through contempt, and that’s not necessary here, as his arguments are ridiculous enough on their face as to be understood. So, lay off the nicknamery ;)

  5. There’s been a few district courts to put the slap down on this, namely because the court has no grounds to remove a sitting President. Only Congress can do that.