Help Teddy Win (No, Really)

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‘Teddy comes on’
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Poor Teddy Roosevelt hasn’t ever won a Presidents’ Race at Nats Park, and we all know that’s a crying shame. But there’s no reason at all that he should have to lose to some pathetic foam hotdogs from Milwaukee. As part of March Madness, ESPN is sponsoring a multi-sport mascot madness, and the Racing Presidents need your help. They’re up against the racing sausages of Milwaukee in a second round battle. Vote here. It looks like they’re down by 12%, but I’m hoping the loyal DC crowd that reads this site can help fix this.

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7 thoughts on “Help Teddy Win (No, Really)

  1. Please everybody vote for the Presidents….. we CANNOT let the sausages win! Do it for DC!

  2. NNNOOOOOOOOO1!1!11!!

    This must not happen. That’s it. This my mission today. I’m spreading the word and we will do this for Teddy!

  3. My heart and body are in San Francisco, but I love those big-headed presidents. I hope to make it to a game during one of my visits this summer.

    And as of my vote, they are tied! We can’t let the sausage win.

    That sounded a little dirty.