Kwame Brown: Screw a Kid, Get Fired

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That this needs to be said out loud, or written into law, is one of those moments where you shake your head, laugh, and then quietly cry to yourself inside. Yesterday emergency legislation was sponsored by At-Large councilman Kwame Brown to make sexual contact with a student a fire-able offense at DCPS. While the council has yet to take action, swift passage is expected.

If you’re asking who on God’s green earth would think it was okay to have sex with a student, you need but point to the myriad cases that make it to the rolls of every month. But, given the wake of the layoffs scandal at DCPS this past Fall, and Michelle Rhee’s controversial remarks concerning the sexual proclivities of at least one teacher who was RIFfed, I suppose it needs to be done. In the meanwhile, we all weep for DCPS at large.

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