Delays, A Fare Raise, And Escalator Outages — Oh My!

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As if Metro riders haven’t had enough day-to-day issues plaguing them as they fork over chunks of their paychecks for endless delays and an array of other dilemmas over the past year … now, there’s more.

WaPo reports that there are 60+ escalator outages throughout the entire Metrorail system at the moment. Way to go WMATA.

I mean — I’m a firm believer in walking up the escalator stairs because that’s what feet were made for — but with Metro turning down media requests for interviews regarding the escalator problem it makes you wonder, what else is wrong that they’re not telling us about?

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2 thoughts on “Delays, A Fare Raise, And Escalator Outages — Oh My!

  1. Seems to be something wrong with the line between Friendship Heights and Bethesda. Its doubled my journey time to 25min. Haven’t heard any info on what the deal is though.

  2. Let’s see….Chinatown escalators…not working….Jud Square…one working….Woodley Park…one working….Pentagon City….one working