Omar Karim Gets Testy on Kojo

video courtesy of the Kojo Show

Omar Karim was on today’s Kojo Nnamdi Show, and boy did he get testy. I mean, I’ve seen some political figures get this angry, but in the clip above, Karim does everything except challenge analyst Tom Sherwood to pistols at dawn. Karim is one of the principals behind Banneker Development which has been in the news for all the wrong reasons, chief among them, they’re the beneficiaries of several contracts to build recreation centers in the District, which the Council will be reviewing for improper award. Karim defends his company’s record, and his relationship with the Mayor, which Karim describes as pretty mundane. Either way, it’s some entertaining watching, as Karim is certainly a fiery guy.

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One thought on “Omar Karim Gets Testy on Kojo

  1. I think sometimes Tom “The Interruptor” Sherwood thinks he is the guest.

    Ask the question Tom, and let the person answer.