Get A Buzz At Northside Social Coffee & Wine, Opening Monday

Photo courtesy of ‘SOVA Coffee Shop and Wine Bar’ courtesy of ‘InspirationDC’

If you like a good buzz (alcoholic, non, or both), look no further than Northside Social Coffee & Wine. Its Clarendon location opens next Monday due to some hard work by the Liberty Tavern Group, according to Thrillist DC.

The menu features all the greatest legal buzz creators including espresso and vino from inside the comfortable confines of a residential, “window-/wood-lined double decker house” which, according to Thrillist DC, was previously everything from a home to a fire station and even the Clarendon Citizens Hall in its past lives.

There is also food on the menu for the imminent moment you should decide, “Gee, I’m hungry.” Classy sandwiches that aren’t a simple deli meat meets cheese combo make for an edible experience instead of the standard coffee shop food affair. This stuff’s got foodie flair written all over it – a herb butter/Gruyere/marble rye Westphalian Ham, a mache/onion marmalade smoked salmon salad, poached gulf shrip – sounds delicious to me.

20 wines or so are scheduled to be on the opening menu. I do however beg you beer drinkers to fear not, there’s a microbrew list on tap with three draft beers and bottles as well. Click here for a complete menu.

Northside Social Coffee & Wine is located at 3211 Wilson Blvd. in Arlington.

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3 thoughts on “Get A Buzz At Northside Social Coffee & Wine, Opening Monday

  1. Most notably to WLDC readers, Northside Social’s location was most recently the Virginia location of Nick Cho’s Murky Coffee, and therefore the site of Dickpunchgate. I think there should be a plaque or something.

  2. They better not go all Waiting for Guffman on me again – this better be for realz!