Home-Grown Pot May Become An Option In DC

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It’s Congress approved … now the next step in upholding the legalization of medical marijuana in the District is figuring out how to get the green stuff into the city itself.

D.C. Council is considering a “home cultivation” option in which individuals requiring medical marijuana could grow up to two plants at a time in their own privacy via a city-issued licensing process.

Complete legalization of medical marijuana usage is on hold until the D.C. Council approves and passes a new law in its name.

The Washington Examiner reports the District’s biggest concern  at the moment, according to D.C. Judiciary Committee Chairman Phil Mendelson, is how to not make D.C. a mistake like Los Angeles, “who opened the door so wide it was tantamount to legalized pot” in their city.

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4 thoughts on “Home-Grown Pot May Become An Option In DC

  1. The District should “not worry about getting the green stuff into the city.” The transportation of cannabis across state lines is a felony. Until Federal law is changed, the only legal option is for patients and licensed to be able to grow at home and allow the City to license large scale growers. But two plants does not yield enough medicine to adequately supply most patients! Many other states allow up to 6 mature plants and 6 immature plants. The ability to home cultivate ensures a variety of medicine is available to District residents- from edibles to outdoor grown to indoor grown medicine. Lastly, please don’t use Reefer Madness imagery for posts about medical cannabis. This is about medicine, not last century’s yellow journalism.

  2. @RW Thanks for the further insight into the topic at hand. Also, I agree with the choice of photo. It wasn’t ideal considering the situation. Definitely more of a serious matter and not yellow journalism. That will be taken account for future reference.

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