What Tourists Call the Metro Stops

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Yep, you know it now from your daily commute — it’s springtime for sure, because tourists are in full bloom. And they’re making some funny interpretations of Metro stop names. There’s the Garden Collection — Rose-lyn and National Ar-chives — plus speculation over what “Rockville” must look like.

Yesterday I boarded a train full of schoolkids in matching “DC 2010” t-shirts, with one little boy who just couldn’t get over the name “Foggy Bottom.” He read it off the map, laughing out loud: “Fa-ha! ha! ha!-gy Bottom!”

Let’s face it; he’s got a point. Now that Shannon has busted the myth that DC was built on a swamp, there’s really nothing else to do with that name but reconnect with your inner 10-year-old and laugh.

So what have you heard folks calling the Metro stops?

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10 thoughts on “What Tourists Call the Metro Stops

  1. We’ve all probably heard about switching to another color train at the elephant (L’enfant). I still laugh every time, though.

  2. Even the train drivers can’t pronounce Grosvenor.

    Oh, and don’t forget the yellow line driver who needs to pronounce…every….syllable. Hunt-ing-ton!

  3. My fairly-recent transplant-to-DC roommate still calls it “Gallery Pie” because when he first moved here the sign clearly said “Gallery-Pl / Chinatown” and to him it look liked pie.

  4. As hinted at here in the comments posted prior to mine, the drivers can be more appalling at their pronunciations than tourists. I can give tourists a break, not train drivers.

    Is it “Ju-dish-aree” Square, or “Ju-dish-ee-aree” Square? Come on, folks.

  5. I heard someone ask a stranger “How many stops until the Roswell (Rosslyn) Station?”..talk about coming from out of town…LOL!

  6. Steve, for the first year or so I lived in D.C., I thought of that station as was Gallery P.I. — yeah, like Magnum P.I.

  7. I still call the end of the Orange Line Vanilla-Fairfax, even though the Fairfax part got cut. Vanilla tastes better than Vienna, I think.

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