Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Happy Hour

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If you missed last week’s Free Cone Day don’t fret, because the Ben & Jerry’s in Georgetown is throwing ice cream happy hours from 4-7pm. The happy hour special is 3 scoops for a mere $3.  That’s an uber steal considering scoops normally go for $2-3 a pop.  With the fantastic sunny and warm weather predicted for the next few days, let’s trade up our HH beers for some HH Cherry Garcia.

Rebecca Johnson

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3 thoughts on “Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Happy Hour

  1. This isn’t limited to just the Georgetown location…it’s HH from 4-7 at all locations in the metro area! I have been to the one at Dupont a few times and can tell you that 3 scoops is pretty small. The ice cream is rich though so it’s the perfect size for me (and just a tease for others)!

  2. @Amanda

    Good to know that the HH is going on at Dupont as well. Now I can get my ice cream HH on at both locations.

    In terms of scoop size, I always found it depended on the server. Sometime I get GINORMOUS scoops, sometimes tiny scoops.