McNabb a Redskin?!

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‘Westbrook and McNabb’
courtesy of ‘Kevin Burkett’

I’m confused. Is the Mike Shanahan that we hired here in Washington to coach our fine boys of fall actually a time-traveler from the year 2010? Because trading a 2nd-round draft pick this year and a 3rd or 4th round pick for 2011 for Eagles QB Donovan McNabb sounds like the sort of thing someone who hasn’t been watching the NFL since 2005 might do. Along with the signing of Willie Parker, that is. McNabb is due $11M in 2010, but it’s not clear who will be footing the May roster bonus yet.

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5 thoughts on “McNabb a Redskin?!

  1. It also sounds like what someone would do who wants to win now.

    Why you think JC would lead the skins anywhere is laughable.

    McNabb when healthy is an All-Pro and has a few good years left.

  2. Seriously, there were no other quarterback options out there so you had to go for McNabb, I hate him.

    Then again, it’s not like the Redskins draft picks have amounted to much (with a few notable exceptions).

  3. That’s a steep price to pay for McNabb who’s no spring chicken, but anyone will be better at QB than Jason Campbell.

  4. Also let’s take into consideration how bad the Skin’s offensive line has been the last few years. Even if the Skins had picked up a solid QB in this year’s draft, protection would be shaky at best in 2010. And we all know how Bradford fared this year at Oklahoma with a sub-par line. At least we know McNabb is a big enough of a dude to stomach some serious hits.

  5. As a lifelong Eagles fan, I appreciate what Donovan gave to the team and the city. He’s a class act and the greatest QB in Eagles history, despite his inability to get that Super Bowl trophy. Forever fickle Philly fans will always point out the low passes into the ground, the occasional inexplicable in-game lapses in judgment, the Super Bowl fourth quarter debacle. But I’ll remember the good times that came with being the leader of the NFC team with the most wins in the 2000s.

    That being said, the guy’s definitely on the downside of his career, and he’s missed a lot of games the past few years to injuries, some pretty serious. And he’ll have far fewer offensive weapons and protection with the Redskins. We’ll see how he deals with that. Gonna be strange to be rooting against him from now on…