Opening Day Is Over, Forgedddabout It

Marquis and McCatty
Photo by Rachel Levitin

Let’s not allow for another rousing bout of Nationals Park turning into Citizen’s Bank Park South. Opening Day is now behind us, there are many more games to be played, and plenty of beer to drown the woes of an embarrassing loss should it be necessary.

Nationals fans, transplanted baseball enthusiasts, and D.C. residents — this is the time to wear your city pride on your sleeve. Head to the ball park tomorrow night. There’s a 7:05 game against the Phillies. It’s Jason Marquis’ debut with the Nationals against Cole Hamels. Tickets are available.

Shake off yesterday. It’s over now.

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11 thoughts on “Opening Day Is Over, Forgedddabout It

  1. Sorry, Rachel — I’m happy with yesterday’s game. But I’ll root for the Nats against the Mets, Marlins and Braves. ;)

  2. Thank you for your condolences. However, they won’t be necessary. One game means but nothing in the grand scheme of the full season, my friend.

  3. I do have several Nats hats, mostly from Opening Day ballpark giveaways (haven’t missed one yet!). I will wear one on occasion — but only if the Phils aren’t playing here. ;)

  4. Can we get a quick poll, welovedc?

    Nats hats – Which do you like better?
    Red ones?
    Blue ones?


  5. The blue looks better walking around in street clothes. The red looks great with the crisp white home uniforms.

    The batting practice hat leaves something to be desired, but that’s on New Era, not the Nats.

  6. I go to Nats games because it is fun win or lose

    The Nats blow so dont expect too much

    Overall talent is average
    SP is terrible
    RP is average