Green/Yellow Line Delays This Afternoon

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Riders be weary, there are now major delays on the Green and Yellow lines after a woman was struck by a train shortly after 1 p.m. at the Mount Vernon Square/7th Stret Convention Center stop, which is closed at this time which is open as of 2:37 this afternoon. Trains continue on a single-track through the station.

Currently, the Yellow line is split into what WTOP is calling “two segments”, running from Huntington to Gallery Place-Chinatown and from Shaw-Howard University to Fort Totten.

The Green Line is running from Branch Avenue to Gallery Place-Chinatown stations and Greenbelt to Shaw-Howard University.

There are a few shuttle buses being run by Metro at the Mount Vernon Square/7th Street Convention Center station. But riders please note, waits for the shuttle buses could reach an hour and can only carry up to 50 people (as opposed to the trains who can carry near 800 people at a time.

WTOP reports that people can also take Metrobus Routes 70, 71 and 79 – which run along Georgia Avenue – to get around the incident.

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