Metro Weekend Doors, Closing Early? Maybe.

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It looks like Metro’s trying to get responsible, start saving money, and create more time to do track maintenance. I’d say, “Great! Hoorah! I’m proud of you,” but I can’t do that. Why? They’d have to eliminate late night train service on weekends to do it.

Director of Operations Planning at Metro, Jim Hughes, told WAMU-FM’s David Schultz that Metro carries less and less people that later in the night it gets. Well duh, Mr. Hughes. The earlier closure time would cost close to 800,000 riders a safe way home, but would save Metro more than $6 million a year.

If Metro goes through with the proposed change, DC area businesses would run the risk of losing a decent amount revenue previously brought in during those late weekend hours. Metro hot spots such as U Street, Chinatown, Dupont Circle, and Adam’s Morgan could all be hit hard by Metro’s actions.

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2 thoughts on “Metro Weekend Doors, Closing Early? Maybe.

  1. I would think earlier closing times on weekdays would be a better move than weekends. Then again, I don’t know much about running a transit system.