Woman Struck, Killed by National Guard Truck

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‘The Return of the Ghost Bikes’
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A National Guard truck, as part of a security convoy related to the Nuclear Summit, struck and killed a local woman yesterday at 12th & New York. Her identity remains unknown, as does the identity of the driver of the truck, and the convoy that they were part of. There is significant outrage that such a large truck was necessary to use as part of any street convoy in DC, and I must admit that I share it. I’m not sure why the National Guard felt that they had to use giant box trucks instead of the standard Suburbans/Tahoes/Denalis that they use for security here in the District.

Perhaps the next time they do this, they should hold it over at the Pentagon or Bolling AFB, as those are places that usually have such large vehicles running about?

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4 thoughts on “Woman Struck, Killed by National Guard Truck

  1. My understanding is that these large trucks, and the dirt filled dump trucks they have all over the area are being used as moving barricades, as they would be a lot harder to push out of the way with another vehicle than a denali/suburban/etc. They are saying this is a 5 ton truck which would be pretty darn immobile. Not to condemn or defend their use… just saying.

  2. They should ban all trucks in DC. Let the stores get their wares via horse-and-buggy.

  3. yeah – I’ve seen them using these trucks to block intersections when motorcades come through

  4. The part that the media keeps skipping is that they let her body (sheet covered) lie in the street and continued moving the motorcades and pedestrians through the city past her. Even after an amblance was dispatched then dismissed from the site.

    I was there. It was horrifying that they kept working as if it was business as usual.