Wait, How Are We Paying for that Contract, Superintendent Rhee?

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The new WFT Contract came with some sizable increases in teacher salaries, and though the contract came with some sizable outside grants from august associations like the Broad Foundation, it looks like there’s going to be some controversy over how it gets paid for.

First, you remember way back when the DCPS said they were running a $40M+ shortfall for the year? And you remember that they RIFfed a number of teachers because of that shortfall, upsetting a number of people? How about that part when Michelle Rhee said they RIFfed those teachers to get rid of a few bad apples, and that ruffled some feathers? Okay, so now we’re up to the point where it was revealed that really they miscalculated that RIF, and instead were operating with a $35M+ surplus. And Rhee said the other day that the city would use that surplus not to rehire the teachers they RIF’d, but rather to pay for part of the new WTU contract.

Okay, now you’re all caught up on the drama. Here’s where it gets good: DC CFO Natwar Gandhi says there is no surplus. The money that was saved by RIFfing those teachers will just about cover the extra expenditures by the DCPS Central Office in FY09. So. Now. How exactly will this surplus-that-isn’t cover any part of the new WTU contract? Good question. We’ll find out, I’m sure.

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