Duckling Chaser

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‘If It’s Spring, There Must Be Baby Ducks In the Reflecting Pool’
courtesy of ‘andertho’

Yesterday, things were kinda tense here on We Love DC. We’re not sure if it was the Armed Tea Party Protestors that are doing their thing over at Gravelly Point, or if it was the Armed Robbers on U Street doing their thing at Nellie’s, but something had people all a-twist yesterday. It’s been a pretty tense week, and I think we could all use a good chaser of cute.

Anyhow, while all that was happening, some cute fuzzy ducklings were being deeply, and abidingdly, cute over at the White House. The pool caught some amazingly cute video of the ducklings struggling to get up the stairs, so we’ve put that behind the cut here. We all need it.

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