Proposed Bill Could Rank DC Ninth In Nation’s Highest Gas Tax

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It doesn’t seem fair, but somehow Metro might end up retrieving revenue generated via a raise in the city’s gas tax. WTOP reports that councilman Jim Graham introduced a bill Tuesday that would raise the current gas tax of 23.5 cents/gallon to 33.5 cents/gallon and then give Metro the money made from the increased tax – making DC gas tax the ninth in the country.

This, of course, is a result of Metro facing a $189.2 million budget shortfall as originally proposed in this year’s operating budget.

Luckily, WTOP also mentions that “the bill is unlikely to pass because the tax would only take effect if the Maryland and Virginia jurisdictions that govern Metro would enact the same increase.”

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2 thoughts on “Proposed Bill Could Rank DC Ninth In Nation’s Highest Gas Tax

  1. I’m not sure why you describe funding Metro through a gas tax as “unfair”. Everyone who uses rail or bus to get where they’re going is one less car on the road, which makes driving in DC much faster and more workable than it otherwise would be.

  2. Thank goodness my work pays for my metro to/from work

    Saves me a LOT of money and the gas prices are still out-of-control