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‘Earth Day 5’
courtesy of ‘erin m’

We get a lot of pictures of objects, places, bits and bobs at We <3 DC. What we don't get a lot of are pictures of people. Stories of people. One of the reasons I like to highlight photographs of people is the story behind the person and the photograph. Erin M wandered down to the Mall while the Earth Day festivities were going on this weekend. She decided she’d find interesting people, shoot them, and ask a couple of questions. And while the whole set is interesting, this picture sums up Earth Day pretty well. From the composition and cropping to the subjects, their hula-hoops and bare feet, the feel of this picture is less modern day Washington and more summer of love Woodstock.

So go out there, with your camera and some time on your hands. Say hello to a stranger, start a conversation, find part of their story. And share it with us all.

Born in Lebanon, Samer moved to DC to go to college. A lot of good that did him. Twenty-two years later, he still lives in the area. When he’s not writing for a blog or tweeting incessantly, he wanders the streets (and the globe) photographing whatever gets in his way.

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