Porter’s: Closed? …or Closing?


Fellow We Love DC author Dave Levy heard word that Porter’s in Dupont (located at 1207 19th Street) was being shut down so I ran outside my office to sneak and peak.

That’s when I ran into the movers. All outdoor and indoor furniture was being manhandled into a moving truck upon my arrival just 10 minutes ago.

We are currently awaiting confirmation from a source providing additional information that the moving truck is related to the bar’s final days at its Dupont location.

Look for more on this story as it becomes available.

Porter's: "Closed for the time being."

Update, 3:33 pm: Porter’s is officially closed for the time being. Ownership respectfully declined further comment. However, Porter’s does hope to re-open in the future. (Photo above taken at 3:27 pm via mobile phone.)

Update, 2:57 pm: Three phone calls made to Porter’s within the last hour were not answered. All calls received a busy signal.

Pictured below: Patio as of 12:47 pm. Photo taken via mobile phone.


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18 thoughts on “Porter’s: Closed? …or Closing?

  1. This is sad to hear… I was a bar back for Porter when he was a bartender at the Angry Inch and he was saving money and remodeling his bar during the day. I hope there is something in the works for Porter in the near future.

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  3. i will miss porters. it was the first bar i visited in Dc and has provided countless nights of memories. we’ll miss all the great staff – scott, dan, dan, nick, jackson, and everyone else. truly a great loss.

  4. Perhaps they want to a move to a location that is not next to the smelliest alley in all of DC.

  5. If I recall they were closed last year briefly for not having paid taxes.

    Given that we just passed tax time, I wonder if something similar happened and the landlord gave him the boot?

  6. @Ryan That’s just not the case. It was a longstanding problem that came to a head, and the business will reopen soon in another location. Please doesn’t speak out of your a$$.

    -an insider

  7. Sorry, I meant “A different Ryan” Regular Ryan, you’re cool, we’ll get the word out where/when we reopen.

  8. I love Porters! Sad to see it go.

    Was there a few weeks ago on a hot day when they didn’t have A/C…had to leave.

  9. I don’t know what it is about that location, but no bar every lasts there. I’d love someone to produce a comprehensive list of all the bars that have existed at that location over the years. It’s almost comic.

  10. Haha. YES. Porters b-lows – their food, their attitudes, everything. Worst sports bar ever. Unless you like expensive domestic beers, apathetic bartending, and botulism.

  11. Greg and michaelf, you suck. You didn’t have fun there because you’re not cool and nobody likes you.

    This IS the greatest bar in DC, precisely because people like Greg and michealf don’t got there. Truly a monumental loss.

    insider please try and keep people posted on the situation. Everyone else wants to know that we’ll at least still be able to go to porter’s even if it’s at a new location.