Brooks Laich Is More Awesome Than You

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Imagine for a second that you’ve just been dealt the biggest setback in your career. Imagine you’ve lost out on that promotion, or had a project fail. You get frustrated. Your vision begins to tunnel as you look for ways to make the bad thing better. And you drive home. And it sucks.

Now, if you’re Capitals Center Brooks Laich, you stop on the Roosevelt Bridge to help a stranded pair of Caps fans change a flat tire in your post-game press conference suit and multi-thousand dollar watch. He then apologized to the two no longe stranded fans for losing the game, for not making it past the first round of the playoffs, and hugged them both.

I don’t usually get my heart warmed like this for sports stories, but readers? This warmed my heart a few degrees. This is the sort of thing that cities don’t forget. Thank you, Brooks, and we’re sorry it didn’t work out against the Habs, too. Next year.

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